Hosted by mob historian, Jacob Stoops, The Gangland History Podcast tells the true crime biographies of real-life mobsters and dives deep into the plots, sub-plots, and real facts behind organized crime in America.

Mobsters sit for a photo after being arrested at the Hotel Statler in Cleveland in the late 1920's.
A photo of Detroit's Purple Gang taken in the 1930's.Giuseppe "Joe the Boss" Masseria lies dead on the floor of a restaurant after being shot by assassins in 1931. The Ace of Spades was placed in his hand by a photographer.


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These infamous stories will transport you into the shadowy world of the Mafia and organized crime, where loyalty, family, and honor are valued above all else, and where the line between right and wrong is often blurred.

What our listeners say

Don't take my word for it, trust my listeners.

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"I have watched alot of your stuff...NEVER disappointed."

David L., YouTube Listener
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"I love your mob stories, you do facts driven research, and the best parts driven with a friendly demeanor."

Dimeo Crew, YouTube Listener
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"I must say your probably my favorite mob channel sir. I love the long form Content with your great research."

Mr. Shanew, YouTube listener
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"You do a great job. I'm a mob history nerd for a long time your show is about the only one I find or near new information and I love it."

Luciano49, YouTube listener
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"Your channel is F*****g ACE mate, your a natural raconteur and you back it up with evidence and all your graphic and edit is spot on"

Darby S., YouTube listener
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"Great job with your show. THIS show is BY FAR THE MOST INFORMATIVE!! Keep it up!!"

Robbie C., YouTube listener

About the host

Hello, I'm Jake.

“As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster” was the famous line in Goodfellas. In actuality, that’s not me in any way, shape, or form. I’m just an “average nobody” who grew up in the Midwest.

In reality, as far back as I can remember, I have been interested in history. And once I watched The Godfather for the first time as a teenager, I found a new interest – the mob. This is where my passion for history intersected with the Mafia true crime genre. I’ve been studying the American Cosa Nostra and watching every mob movie I can get my hands on ever since.

I work as a professional in the marketing industry, and this has left me with an ongoing creative desire to build things and create content. Podcasting (and now YouTubing) has been a new labor of love for several years and allows me an outlet for my creativity.

At the intersection of all of these things is The Gangland History Podcast! My hope is that you enjoy my deeply-researched content and much as I enjoy making it.

Grazie in anticipo. 👌

Jacob Stoops, Host of the Gangland History Podcast