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Frequently Asked Questions

Are you open for new podcast guests?

Absolutely. While we remain open to all potential guests, we are most interested in telling mob-related stories that haven't been widely shared. Our goal is to create a mosaic of mob content from many perspectives. If you'd like me to interview you, or if you'd like to suggest someone, fill out the contact form above. However, we reserve the right to politely decline all offers.

Can you cover a certain family or mobster?

We get requests all the time to cover certain people, and the best thing we can say is that if we haven't covered your subject yet, they're more-than-likely on my long-term roadmap. The host is a "one-man army" with a full-time job, so the research and production process tends to take him a bit longer.

Why should you pay for our Patreon?

We've moved the YouTube show over to Patreon! Don't worry, we're still releasing episodes on YouTube, but Patreon gives us flexibility to post more content without restrictions that simply wouldn't make it past their filtering systems. Patreon memberships begin at $3 per month with several exclusive benefits:

  • Early access to all content (ad free)
  • Access to movie and TV reviews
  • Regular Q&A sessions

Are you open for paid sponsorships?

Yes, we are open to paid sponsorships. We can do host-reads, product promotion & reviews, in-content ads, and more. Get creative.

Are we open to a co-host?

At this moment, we are not currently considering taking on any new hosting partners. That being said, we are interested in collaboration opportunities with other mob-genre content creators. However, we reserve the right to politely decline all offers.

Why aren't movie & TV reviews on YouTube?

We've tried and tried because we absolutely love talking about mob movies and sharing little-known factoids, but YouTube's copyright algorithms are very restrictive and we've had trouble getting content published even if it's a clear case of being covered under Fair Use. As a result, any and all movie and television reviews will be published on our Patreon channel.